• $ 299.99

About the DigiOptix Camera Glasses Smart Glasses
  • What is it- These Camera Glasses are compatible with IOS/Android. When you pair with your smart phone, this smart glasses have an indicator in front of your dominant eye allow you to make calls, take photos and videos, and use smartphone apps all without reaching for your smartphone. You can also adjust volume and switch songs with hands gesture. It has Built-in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB Storage Options.
  • Features- 1080P HD Camera Glasses HD Camcorder: Capture important moments in your life in 1080P. Record your daily life anytime, anywhere. Leave your heavy camera at home from now on; Wireless wearable smart glasses Technology – Connect your smartphone wirelessly to your smart glasses or enjoy high fidelity music wherever you go.
  • How to use- 1.Turning On: Hold the Picture & ON/OFF Button for about 5 seconds until the light indicator turns to green. 2. Charging: Insert the smart glasses’ connection cable into the USB/ Headset Port; Connect the charger and the smart glasses with the cable; the light indicator flashes light-orange.
  • Wearable smart glasses technology Gesture Functions- Taking Pictures: Swipe backwards from front to back in front of the sensor; Recording Videos: Swipe forwards from back to front to start and stop recording. The indicator will flash green continuously. Swipe front to back to pause the recording; Making Phone Calls: swipe from afar and towards the smart gesture sensor. Swipe toward the sensor again to hang up the phone.
  • Why choose us? – DigiOPTIX is a wearable technology device that acts as an extension of your smartphone to perform a set of simple tasks. It resembles a pair of glasses or a headset. The glasses are made of titanium and plastic, the DigiOPTIX Glasses frame adjusts by hard bending, thus being sturdy.


The DigiOptix Motus Model Camera Glasses use wearable smart glasses technology that can help you to record HD 1080p videos, take 12 MP pictures, answer phone calls and listen to music through Bluetooth Technology. Motus truly defines hands free, as you can do all of this with just a few simple gestures. Capture Every Moment with this revolutionary multi-media device. These Camera Glasses can: • Captures photos and videos wherever you are. • Bluetooth 4.0 accepts phone calls, plays music, and voice GPS navigation. • PC camera: DigiOptix can work as a Webcam. • Works as USB memory Power duration: 4-5 hours (Video), 10 hours (camera 1 photo/second), 6 hours (playing MP3) Photo Storage: 60-200 photos/8Gb; Video Storage: 200-500min/8Gb Camera hardware resolution: 1.3Mpixels Recording Speed: 30-45 fps/br Reading Speed > 700kbs, write >500Kbs THE KIT INCLUDES: a. DigiOptix Wearable Smart Glasses; b. Bluetooth Headset; c. Silicon Ear Cushion Accessory; d. USB Charging Cable

digiOPTIX Warranty

*Does not fall under HealthmateForever Warranty.

At digiOPTIX, we believe one of the most important factors of choosing a product is quality. Every Digioptix device is put through rigorous tests made to inspect quality, durability and other factors ensuring it meets our standards as well as your own. Our dedicated attention to a quality product further reduces the probability of having defective equipment; however, we are aware that errors do occur and take the discretion of examining returned products to help ensure we can identify issues and make the best product available.

The digiOPTIX is under a 6 month manufacturer defect-related warranty with the option to purchase an extended two-year warranty for $50.00.

digiOPTIX  does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, normal wear, or the attachment of any unauthorized accessory, alteration to the product or other conditions whatsoever that are beyond the control of Digioptix.

If you are having operation issue with your device, please call Toll Free 1-888-860-7788 to speak with a friendly sales associate who will walk you through steps of operation or go through some trouble shooting steps.  If it is determined that warranty service is necessary, you need to send in the defective device to the address below for service.


Ericam international, LLC

8901 Washington Street

Kansas City MO 64114


Please include the following items with your return:

 -Defective unit only. (We do not need the box and accessories etc. unless requested by customer service)

 -Copy of your receipt showing the date, vendor and amount paid along with a brief note describing the reason for return.

Free replacement of a new control unit is provided if it is not repairable. Technical Support is provided by email only at support@Digioptix.com.

Note: Store policy above is subject to change anytime.