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Erisonic Brush Bundle - Red

Erisonic Brush Bundle - Red

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Sensitive Skin Brush | Green Ringed

For those with sensitive skin it is hard to find a facial cleanser that will allow you to work with your skin and not damage it beyond repair. Erisonic has specialized in this area with slowing down the speed of their device, but also with their sensitive skin brush. The green ringed, replaceable brush head is best used for those with sensitive skin. Massage Mode 1 and Speed Intensity 1 is advised for those with sensitive skin, however you can experiment with massage mode 1 and the Speed Intensity as you see how the Erisonic works for your skin.

Normal Skin Brush | Black Ringed

For those with oily skin, normal skin or those getting ready to prep their legs and other body areas for shaving the black ringed Erisonic replacement head is what you should use.

Deep Pore Skin Brush | Blue Ringed

For those who want to minimize the appearance of their pores or detox their skin the blue ringed Erisonic replacement head will do wonders for your skin. You can also use it on your legs to reduce ingrown hairs after shaving.

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