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Why do our bodies feel pain? Why are some types of pain much more intense than others? Why does it seem some pain just never fades away? Our body reacts to pain in different ways but we all share the same reasoning on why it exists. Below talks about the science in why are bodies feel the sensation called pain. 
Pain is an electrical impulse used as our body’s alert system, letting us know that we are damaged, doing damage, or close to hurting ourselves if the issue it not addressed. We feel pain to let us know that we either are currently, or are about to damage tissue or create/exacerbate an issue. There are 2 types of pain. The first is nerve/structural pain which is sharp, shooting, white lightning; take your breath away type of pain.
Most of the pain that we feel associated with an injury is peripheral pain. This means that the pain is not the actual injury but a manifestation of our body trying to heal/brace the injury. Our body is conditioned to stop what we are doing when we feel pain. The path to progress on MOST injuries is to put more stress on the area than it will encounter in functional activates in a controlled environment (physical therapy) therefore if a person does not fully understand why they are stressing the area, they intuitively stop the exercise when they feel pain for fear of doing damage.
The body’s first line of defense against an injury is to inflame the issue. This is why we ice the problem area as soon as the injury occurs. It reduces the inflammation and therefore the stress put on the area/nerves.
The second step is when we get back to functional activity the body uses your muscular system to provide support the weakened structure. (Sprained ankle, ACL injury as example)
You may be wondering how this causes muscular pain. Just like working out, when your body puts more stress on the support muscles for a given area, the muscle tears (fatigues, gets sore).
Soreness is a manifestation of a muscle group being overworked or worked more than it is conditioned to handle. When we are sore we tend to baby the area as it heals because it hurts, but if you do not move the area while it is healing it will become stiff. Stiffness is scar tissue buildup that forms after a muscle is fatigued if it is not stretched as it heals.
The issues are similar to range of motion injuries. Range of motion limitations are, for the most part, not due to a structural limitation. They are generally a result of the fatigue (tearing), repairing (stiffness) process repeated over and over again without movement in between until the musculature of the area is calcified and locked up.
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