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It's Time to Liberate Yourself from Pain & Wires!
We are proud to introduce you our brand-new product WI9 Wireless Pads & Wireless TENS/PMS Devices for Muscle Recovery & Pain Therapy from our innovators in the health care industry. It’s one of the best wireless medical electrotherapy units available on the market. The pads & devices still provide the all-natural pain therapy that our customers look for in HealthmateForever products.
Where do you feel Pain?
Get a free PDF and information on why you are feeling pain in certain areas, and how to help prevent & heal specific injuries. 
Do you know why your body feels pain?
We all feel pain at one point or another in our lifetime. However, do you know why our bodies feel the sensation known as pain? Dive into this article to know. 
See the Wireless Pads & all of the Wireless TENS/PMS Devices that are compatible with the WI9 Pads!