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Wireless Testimonial
Listen to Mike’s story and how making the switch to the wireless TENS Muscle Recovery & Pain Therapy has helped him in the battle versus pain. 
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It may be wireless compatible!
It's as simple as turning over your current HealthmateForever TENS Unit to see if it is compatible with the WI9 Wireless Pads. Look for the Wireless symbol on the back. 
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1. How does HealthmateForever wireless TENS reduce pain?
It sends out multiple electrical waves through the electrodes to relieve pain which just as traditional TENS units do. A gentle electrical current is passed through electrodes which are attached to the skin near the site of the pain or discomfort. The pulses send electrical pulses through the central nervous system, thus blocking pain.
2. Do all HealthmateForever TENS unit have wireless feature?
No. First, you have to check the sticker on the back of each device to see if it has wireless icon. Second, the device must have a USB portal to connect with the transmitter.
3. What’s included in the single wireless kit Wi-9?
The kit includes 1 wireless receiver, 2 sets of self-adhesive electrode pads, 1 transmitter, and 1 instruction manual. No control unit is included in the kit.
4. How much does a single wireless receiver and TENS wireless kits cost?
HealthmateForever offers a variety of TENS wireless kits ranging from $139.99 to $499.99 for your choice. The single wireless receiver is $ 99.99.
5. Can I adjust the intensity?
Yes, you can adjust the intensity of A/B channels through the control units.
6. How far does the wireless TENS can reach?
The wireless TENS can transmit up to 30 feet.
7. Do HealthmateForever products require a Doctor’s prescription (RX)?
Nope. All HealthmateForever TENS devices are FDA Cleared Over the Counter (OTC) devices.
  • I am extremely pleased with my purchase - Jessica A. This wireless tens unit is one of the best items I've ever purchased simply because it WORKS! I have been dealing with upper back, neck and shoulder pain for a few months and after having tried everything I was so discouraged that nothing seemed to work. I've tried essential oils, pain pills, anti-inflammatory supplements including topical creams and oils...ugh no help. I found this little gem on Amazon and after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try! I feel the pain starting I put the pads on and start the pulsing, at times the pain will try to move elsewhere so I just move the pads to that area and it stops! Great buy! 
  • Great quality, great price - Dorthy G. I have a medically prescribed unit with all the wires and hassle. This new wireless unit just helped reduce my pain to a tolerable. Yes, the electrodes are bulky, but I wear skirts a great deal and this unit is great! For the price and convenience I am really thankful to have this purchase. 
  • Incredible product - James L. I also owe a regular tens massager with 4 small pads and wanted to give this wireless tens unit a try for two of my problem areas, shoulders and upper thighs. This thing really has a good kick and pull and works very good and I love that there are no wires all over your body. The settings are easy and charge holds for a bunch of treatments. 
  • Works Great - Antonio J. This was suggested by a friend who suffers back pain, as I was. So I bought it albeit very skeptical. I still can't believe how great it works. So well in fact I bought for my mom, who has suffered for years with awful back pain. It works for her as well! I love that there are no wires. The probes attach wherever they are needed and apply/reapply with ease. Mine worked so well I haven't had any pain in over a month now but knowing should the pain start again, I have the means to stop it. Well worth the cost. 
  • Great Buy - Bob W. I have severe back pain and see a chiropractor among others for it's management. I was looking for alternative methods to manage my condition from day to day without the use of drugs. This is a helpful tool to relieve pain in an easy and affordable way. I look forward to the ease of my symptoms and am so pleased that it is SOOOOO easy. I don't write reviews, up until this point I have never felt strongly enough about any product to do so. I give my word, this wireless tens unit is the most affordable method of successful pain management that I have found.