How Tens Works – HealthmateForever
HealthmateForever's Muscle Recovery & Pain Therapy Devices have one thing that the competition lacks. It's the fact that they 2 machines combined into one. Both have the certain jobs they do to make a significant positive impact on the human body. Together pain can begin to fade away and muscle recovery can amplify. Read below to find more information on what makes HealthmateForever's devices so special. 
The first half a HealthmateForever Therapy device is a TENS Unit.
TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator. They stop pain by sending electrical impulses into your body through your skin (transcutaneous) to your nerves. If you isolate the nerves that are reporting pain, then they will register the sensation of the TENS unit as opposed to the pain signal that is being sent. This effectively stops the pain temporarily.
Most people have encountered TENS units in one of 3 ways
1) At the chiropractor, in this facility a TENS unit is used to temporarily stop pain, allowing the patients muscles to relax so that the chiropractor can make an adjustment of the structure without fighting the patients muscles attempting to provide support.
2) At the physical therapist in 2 ways A) After a workout to stop pain while they Ice out inflammation B) after surgery at a very high intensity to wake up an atrophied muscle.
3) In the mall/at a trade show where the TENS is heavily mis-marketed as an “electric message” this is giving the industry a very negative connotation because using a TENS unit like a massage will do more harm than good. This is why most people will say they don’t use their TENS.
The second half of a TENS Unit is a PMS Unit (Powered Muscle Stimulator) or EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulator).
A PMS Machine is essentially an electronic machine with the capacity to contract your muscles via an electrical current passed through your muscle. An EMS machine is helpful in the initial phase of muscle strengthening. You strengthen muscle by adding a high resistance to the muscle causing it to tear. When the muscle heals it will be strong enough to take the same stress without tearing. PMS uses this idea but take the brain and therefore the pain out of the equation. If you add a high load to you muscle tissue by adding an outside electrical impulse then the muscle tissue will tear and repair and be stronger when it does so, thus strengthening the muscle tissue.
One question we get a lot is how does a PMS compare to physical therapy? Both are geared toward conditioning the support muscles surrounding an injury. In physical therapy this is done by adding a load to the joint or structure that is supported by the muscle. A PMS will add a higher load to the muscles without adding any stress to the joint and while blocking the pain signal. With a PMS you can do a much higher intensity, more targeted treatment WITHOUT putting any stress on the affected issue. PMS can be used to strengthen the support system for any issue. This helps build structure and strength around the problem which then in turn gives the body protection it to naturally heal.
HealthmateForever has recently gone wireless! No wires equals less restrictions on how you alleviate your pain and recover muscle. These Wireless TENS & PMS devices still hold all the drug free and all natural power you read about above and expect from HealthmateForever products. Look below to find out more information!
Free Yourself from Pain & Wires
HealthmateForever is proud to introduce launch the WI9 wireless pads. Never be held back by wires again. The WI9 wireless pads works with our wireless TENS devices and provide the same benefits that users of HealthmateForever products trust and love. It’s portable and easy to use. By sending frequency electrical pulses to your muscles through the conductive electrode pads, it allows you to effectively 
stimulate muscle recovery and relieve muscle tension 
and pain anytime, anywhere.
Upgrade to Wireless
  • Reaches up to 30 Feet
  • Full Time Customer Support 
  • Wear Discreetly 
  •  Same Benefits as Wired Units
  •  Natural Pain Therapy
  •  Use while or after Working Out for Extreme Muscle Recovery
  •  Open Up Blood Flow