Buy authentic HealthmateForever TENS units muscle stimulators

Buy authentic HealthmateForever TENS units muscle stimulators

Dear customers, 

For years, we have been working hard on State of the Art innovation of HealthmateForever TENS units and muscle stimulators (EMS) for nerve stimulation and muscle conditioning, which are clinically proven to be safe and effective. They are proven or supported by thousands of testimonials and customer reviews.

Be aware of Infringement of copyrights, patent and trademark!

Since HealthmateForever TENS EMS have been hot sale on the market worldwide, some illegal companies might infringe our copyrights or patent or pending patent. Please verify with us about the authenticity of  model # Plus-6AB, Plus-6IS, Pro-8AB, Pro-10AB, Pro-12AB, Touch screen series T12AB, T24AB, T24AB2, T40AB, YK15AB under no brand name or other name than HealthmateForever. The counterfeit TENS unit or pain relief massagers or mini massagers look similar to or the same as our screen design or shell, features and functions are not the same in hardware and software. 

Your safety and effectiveness of home therapy for nerve and muscles are very important. We love you, millions of HealthmateForever customers. 

New customers, please buy authentic portable HealthmateForever TENS units Muscle stimulators (upgrade version with battery level indicator, backlight, AB channels and Touch Screen) at as all the patent, copyrights and trademark are reserved by Healthmate International, LLC. 

Thank you for your loyalty in the past years and continuous support in the future. 

We sincerely wish you have a good life in the new year. 

Healthmate International, LLC