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Why body pain?

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All people experience body pain at one point or another throughout their lives.

Science has given us the conclusion that the sensation of body pain comes from the brain. This includes every type of pain out there, no matter if its sharp, quick, strong, dull, or how long it has lasted.

Body pain that you have had for a few weeks or even a month is acute pain. Acute pain is common with ankle sprains, back strains or anything regarding tissue damage. Overall the medical recommendation is to actually stay slightly active to help keep that tissue warm and slowly get back into your regular routine.

If you have had body pain for three months, or more, it usually falls into the chronic or persistent pain category. Here tissue damage is not the main issue as the pain stems from a deeper problem.

One of the most significant issues out there is not knowing how to handle chronic pain. 20% of all people suffer from chronic pain, and each of them has different so-called solutions compared to the next.

Even when there is no more danger of structural or tissue damage, and the injured area has completely healed the brain continues to produce pain. Because of this most people believe that there is still something wrong.

Most structural or tissue damage can heal within 3-6 months, and medical professionals agree that pain felt after this stage directly comes from the brain. This is due to the complicated sensitivity of the nervous system.

If this is the case, you will need to retrain your brain and the nervous system. To do this, you must view everything that could affect your nervous system as a whole that may be causing you pain.


A step in the right direction would be a broader methodical approach to ensure no details are missed.

Taking medication such as prescription pills can help ease the pain but also has its limitations to fully recovering from an injury. Retraining the brain not to feel pain requires a more active practice, but using medications to help mask the pain so you can actually move are perfectly fine. Remember, however, to always take in moderation and eventually taper yourself off of prescription pain as long as it is manageable. Many medical experts also believe surgery is the solution to everything but in some cases, surgery has actually caused more harm or was unneeded. Surgery is something you should always get at least one other opinion on before making a decision.

One thing people often do not realize has a significant effect on your nervous system is one's own emotions an thoughts. Pain can have a negative impact on peoples daily lives by increasing stress and changing moods for the worse. Having a better overall well being with thoughts and beliefs can actually help your nervous system feel less pain. Thoughts and feelings are nothing more than brain impulses just like pain, and learning to control them will help relieve pain and make you an overall healthier and happier person.

The last area you should evaluate the things you eat and if you are living a healthy lifestyle or not. Living in today’s world, it's actually harder to be healthy and actually can be detrimental to your health. Everything you eat and everything you do has an impact on your nervous system. If you smoke, eat sugary and fatty foods, drink alcohol, or don’t get enough exercise it can make your nervous system even more sensitive and harder to recover from injury. When taking a look at your lifestyle to be sure to ask yourself if you are making the right healthy decisions to help eliminate the sensitivity of your nervous system. Develop an approach centered around improving these critical health areas of life.

Body pain happens when the brain thinks it's in trouble and something terrible will happen if you continue to move the way you are. The best way to end this is to show the brain everything is fine. Get out and start moving in a controlled environment. Moving the painful area is one of the quickest ways to relieve body pain and get everything feeling more normal faster.

Understanding the root of pain can be highly beneficial, but you must do it from a bird's eye view. Think about all the activities or things you were doing when the pain started to occur. When did it go from something you could live with to something much worse? Finding the answer to this will help you take healing steps forward and finding the right path to end your pain.

Pain…….. so what is it again?

Pain is nervous system impulses entirely produced within your brain. However, the brain can be retrained not to signal pain, but you must view everything from a wholistic methodical approach to help you understand your pain, and take the right steps to stop it.

It’s ok to search for help when it comes to controlling your pain. There are hundreds of resources to look to including medical professionals. However, the best way to stop your pain is to start doing something about it now.

One of fastest growing trends in pain management regarding effectiveness and popularity is TENS Therapy. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This is the use of electric current produced by a device such as HealthmateForever to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes.

HealthmateForever a TENS Device manufacture has quickly become the leader of this physiotherapy movement. 

In essence, TENS devices like HealthmateForever’s modulate the way we process pain sensations from the affected area by closing the nervous communication gate. So to speak, this is known as a gate control theory this theory asserts that nonpainful input closes the gates to painful information which in turn prevents pain sensation from traveling to the central nervous system. Completely stopping the pain signals from the brain.

Another theory related to gate control is an opiate theory in which endorphins chemicals that are released during tens use to offer a definite feeling of relief.

The electronic pulse also promotes blood flow and helps strengthen the structure around the pain area, that in return helps the area heal naturally. Giving the area the ability to move and strengthen in a way that was deemed too painful before.

This has been proven for millions of patients from all different types of pain whose pain has disappeared with the power of TENS. TENS therapy naturally stimulates the body’s effectiveness to handle or eliminate pain. HealthmateForever continues to strive forward in ensuring everyone has a chance to live pain-free.

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