The Solution to Physical Labor Pain - HealthmateForever

What is Going On - 

On your feet, shift after shift, and day after day, the fatigue of achy muscles becomes a constant reminder of the pain you endure due to the demands of your job. Whether you’re in the restaurant business, at a construction site, retail worker, hairdresser, or your job just requires constant movement, the burden of tasks often fall on the body.

Health Complications -

Because of the strain that these occupations, and others can cause, back pain, strained joints and damaged bones become a considerable issue. 

 Lifting heavy items and standing for long periods of time can result in pinched and inflamed nerves creating severe pain in the lower spinal cord area and affect joints such as the knees. Serious problems may result from this including but not limited to:

Symptoms -

Because of the hardships that health complications can impose, there are several otherrepercussions that occur from these issues:

  • Fatigued Muscles 

  • Insomnia

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Headaches

Solutions -

An ancient Chinese method and effective way to ease pain by pinpointing specific target points on the body with needles to release endorphins.

 Over the counter or prescribed painkillers can intervene between pain receptors and the brain to reduce the feeling of discomfort and swelling.

  •  Massage

 An efficient way to release tension, stress and restore muscles and tendons throughout the body.

  •  Brace

 Stability on the injured area can prevent further inflammation and limit mobility to promote recovery.

Innovative Technology -

Transcutaneous electrical nerve and powered muscle stimulator units that provides fast and long term health benefits;

  • HealthmateForever devices come in up to 40 modes that imitate the above solutions but in one easy, noninvasive device including traditional Chinese medicine, massages and acupuncture

  • There is no recurring high cost for a chiropractor or masseuse

  • Completely drug free and no side effects

  • Increases blood flow and relaxes muscles

 The support and assistance of a typical brace plus electronic pulses that stimulate nerves and muscles while wearing the brace for dual action and faster/longer pain relief;

  • Can be used for the elbow, knee, ankle or leg