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What Are Painkillers Actually “Killing”?

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In today’s world there seems to be a pill for everything. Post surgery? There’s a pill. Minor headache? There’s a drug. Can’t fall asleep? There’s a prescription. Want to lose weight? There’s a tablet for that. Sore muscles? You guessed it, there’s medicine for that too. 


This simple solution seems great, but what are we really putting into our bodies when we’re trying to “kill” the pain? 


Over the counter or prescription drugs may actually do more damage than good. 


According to Time Magazine, studies have shown that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (typical over the counter medications) increase heart complications by one third and the risk of heart failure is double when taking ibuprofen. 


 Not only this but non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) long-term users could experience intestinal bleeding, hearing loss, and weakened bones, just a few of the many side effects drugs can take. 


It was reported in “Pharmaceuticals: The Good and the Bad” by the National Academies Press that “four out of five U.S. adults will use prescription medicines, over-the-counter drugs, or dietary supplements. Nearly one-third of adults will take five or more different medications.” 


These kind of habits can result in serious health problems and even death. Behavioral changes, addiction, and overdosing are just a few dangers that modern day medication imposes. 


However, drugs may be necessary in some cases but should be taken with caution and for short periods of time. 


For long-term pain management and a drug-free as well as  non-invasive approach to relieving discomfort, try HealthmateForever TENS Unit.These devices are designed to not only relieve pain but also recover muscle and are used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and doctors. 


Using electronic impulses that gently stimulate the muscles, HealthmateForever TENS units inhibit pain receptors from reaching the brain and release endorphins instead. These light currents are FDA Cleared as well as customer approved by the thousands. 


On top of the ease and convenience HealthmateForever TENS units provide, there are no side effects, extra payments, or timely appointments. It can be done in the comfort of your home, office, or even on-the-go. There’s no need to “eat before” and you don’t have to worry about heart complications, intestinal bleeding or hearing loss. 


It’s a safe, effective way to manage pain and massage muscles. With up to 40 modes of massages from acupuncture to deep tissue and a wide range of intensity, these units are the alternative medication you’ve been searching for. Stop letting painkillers kill more than just your pain, and start living a healthy, drug free life today!

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