Warming Up&Cooling Down With HealthmateForever

Warming Up: 

Although it may seem trivial, the warm up before a workout or athletic competition serves a much bigger purpose than just warming up your muscles. This pre-training is recommended to not only physically prepare yourself by releasing more blood flow but also to prevent injury. 

When warming up, it’s recommended to do 10-15 minutes of light exercise, called dynamic movement. Activating your body is crucial but still-stretching can overextend muscles. 

A few movements that are helpful: high kicks, lunges, arm circles, and inchworm. 

Another great addition to any warm-up is a TENS Unit. These transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) sends impulses through nerve fibers that stimulate the muscles by contracting and relaxing them. Because these devices simulate movement within the body, blood flow is increased and endorphins are released, overall aiding in a productive workout that helps prevent injury. 


Now that your muscles are warmed up with dynamic stretching and a TENS Unit- your body is set for an invigorating workout or competition. 

Cooling Down: 

Just important as it is to warm up, it’s equally imperative to cool down. With the pre-exercise we are heating muscles up and getting them ready to perform. The opposite is true with cooling down. Now, it’s time to let your muscles breathe and recoup for a wholesome workout. 

Another 10-15 minutes is suggested for bringing your heart rate down, reducing stiffness, and improving flexibility. Static stretching is the best option for post-workout for keeping muscles healthy and reducing injury. 


By stretching areas such as arms, back, neck, and legs you can optimize the results of your workout. TENS Units can also be utilized for cooling down. The electric stimulation sent through underlying nerve fibers from the pulses decrease pain by inhibiting pain receptors from reaching the brain. The various massage modes give you the option to choose which one not only feels the best but for which specific area on the body you are targeting. Because of the contraction and releasing of muscles, your body can recover more efficiently. Muscles respond to light stimulation allowing self-repair through TENS. 

Grab a water bottle and a HealthmateForever TENS unit and start enhancing your workout today.