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Tips for Using TENS Unit

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Living actively, free of pain, and healthier, the HealthmateForever TENS unit is doing its job for you! Here are a few tips to get the most out of your device:


1. Recharging The Unit


Making sure your device is fully charged will ensure that you get the most power and keep your unit working for years to come resulting in the most effective treatment for your muscles.


2. Moistening The Gel Pads


If the gel pads feel too dry, uncomfortable, or stimulationbecomes weakened, try placing a few drops of water to theadhesive surface of each pad and firmly press the pads directly to bare skin.


3. Lying On Your Back


If you’re not feeling pain relief, particularly in your neck, tryusing the HealthmateForever TENS device while laying down.This will help blood flow and circulation to give you the most relaxation and relief out of your device.


4. Using The Unit For Longer


If there is still a lingering ache in the sore area, try keeping thedevice on for longer (20-30 minutes) for full effect. You can also increase the frequency by applying the pads 3-6 times a day.


5. Replacing Gel Pads


After several uses, it becomes inevitable that the adhesive willwear off of the gel pads resulting in less powerful pain-relief. Luckily, HealthmateForever supplies a variety of inexpensive pad replacements for about $7.50. Click HERE to find some now!

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