This One Is For You, Mom - HealthmateForever

Whether you have a newborn, kiddo, teenager or adult being a mom is incredibly rewarding- but also very tiring. 

For those weary muscles, headaches or fatigue pain killers can only do so much and for a limited period of time. Because being a mom never stops, neither does your body. 

For convenience, affordability, and complete relaxation, try HealthmateForever TENS Device

We know that on-the-go is just the normal for you and multitasking comes without a second thought which is why HealthmateForever has created easy to use devices that not only relieve pain but recover muscles for a happier, healthier, you. 

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. To break it down, the units send impulses through underlying fibers within your muscles and pressure points to contract and relax them. You can adjust the intensity of these pulses and choose from 40 different massages including acupuncture or deep tissue. 

The HealthmateForever TENS Units compacts a chiropractor, doctor, physical therapist, and masseuse into one small device. 

Don’t waste anymore time at lengthy appointments or another penny at expensive treatments, drugs or procedures. 

HealthmateForever devices are non-invasive and drug free so that you can spend more time being a mommy than a patient. 

Although this device can relieve chronic pain, improve insomnia, mobilize sore muscles and more, it is not a replacement for medical treatment and should be consulted with a trusted physician. 

Get back to being the superwoman you are and let HealthmateForever help you be even better and stronger.