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When you have such a hectic schedule it can be difficult to find time for the gym or working out at all. With the rush of life, it seems impossible to manage everything so we’ve compiled 4 great exercises you can do right at home! They’re simple, easy, and effective so get started today!

1. Plank

A classic exercise for good reason: it really works. With your stomach facing down, prop yourself on your elbows with your toes bent engaging your arms, core and legs. This stance is great because it works nearly your whole body. Try holding it for one minute!




home workout -plank- healthmateforever

2. Lunge

With the forward lunge, this can be done in place or moving around. Starting with your feet together, take one long step with your dominant leg and bend your front knee. It should be bent enough so that you can still see your toes but maintain a 90 degree angle. Your back leg should be bent forming a similar angle. Return back to standing with your feet together and alternate legs. Repeat as needed. This exercise is beneficial since it works not only your legs but also your glute muscles. Once you have mastered this, try engaging your core muscles.

home workout-lunge-healthmateforever

3. Jumping Jacks

An oldie but a goodie. What’s wonderful about jumping jacks is that it requires no materials and very little skill. With your hands at your side, swing them above your head while simultaneously jumping into a wide stance. Next, bring your feet back together and hands down by your thighs. This exercise gets your heart rate up and whole body moving. If you have rope around, you can try jumping rope to achieve similar results. Sweating it out has innumerable health benefits from improving blood circulation to losing weight. Just by doing a few sets, you can burn calories, boost your mood and relieve stress.Jumping Jacks- homeworkout-healthmateforever


4.Downward Facing Dog

This last one is a great stretch for shoulders, back, hamstrings and calves. It’s the perfect cooling down exercise that calms you down while still utilizing your muscles. Starting with your palms face down and feet planted firmly on the ground, raise your glutes high and lengthen your arms to form an upside down V. Let your head hang to release tension in your neck. To get more of a leg stretch, try going on your tiptoes, one foot at a time.

Downward Facing Dog-home workout-healthmateforever

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