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Yoga has been an ancient practice that several cultures have incorporated into their lives. It’s been linked to lowering stress, helping mobility and improving energy. See why so many people are using HealthmateForever’s TENS Unit to enhance the practice of yoga.
Muscle Recovery
Yoga requires pushing your mental and physical limits which can cause sore muscles and prevent you from doing what you love. HealthmateForever’s TENS Units massage muscles using contraction and relaxation to recover muscles quickly and relieve pain throughout the body.
Pain Relief
Sometimes after a yoga session, muscle recovery isn’t enough and we need more pain relief. Luckily HealthmateForever’s TENS Unit is FDA cleared to aid in all-over body pain relief quickly without drugs and without being invasive.
Whether you’re practicing yoga in a studio, your home, on a beach or mountain, HealthmateForever makes small but powerful devices that can follow you wherever your journey may lead. It’s lightweight and simple to use.
If it’s a relaxing massage or pain-relieving acupuncture you’re looking for, HealthmateForever TENS Unit (click for more information) is the one for you. With up to 40 different modes and several levels of intensity, you can mix and match hundreds of varieties to find your favorite.

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