Pain Solutions for Senior Citizens - HealthmateForever

What is Going On -

As one’s body changes with age, it can become difficult to perform routine activities and strain bones and joints more than usual. Bones begin to lose essential vitamins and minerals throughout the years and fluid within the bones begin to thin. Because of these differences one’s body goes through, muscles can begin to atrophy and joints will stiffen as cartilage wears away.

Health Complications -

There are serious medical concerns that can occur such as:

Solutions -

  • Moderately Exercising 

 A light workout will keep your muscles moving, heart healthy and bones strong. It also promotes balance and flexibility. 

  •  Eating Healthy
 With a changing body, it’s important to make sure there are sufficient vitamins and minerals in one’s diet to replace the ones that are being lost.Calcium is especially important in maintaining strength and mobility. 

An ancient Chinese method and effective way to ease pain by pinpointing specific target points on the body with needles to release endorphins 

Over the counter or prescribed painkillers can intervene between pain receptors and the brain to reduce the feeling of discomfort and loss of movement. 

  •  Massage 

An efficient way to relieve pain, work sore muscles and slow down the progression of arthritis. 

  • Brace 

Stability on a delicate or previously injured area allows recovery and prevention of another incident

Innovative Technology -

This muscle stimulator unit is beneficial for anyone who is looking to ease pain and take preventative measure against the health risks of aging. It’s a safe, easy, device that can produce overall body wellness; 

Transcutaneous electrical nerve and powered muscle stimulator units provide effective health benefits:

  • HealthmateForever devices come in up to 40 modes that imitate Traditional Chinese Medicine such as acupuncture or massages such as Shiatsu

  • There is no recurring high cost for a chiropractor, doctor, pharmacist or masseuse

  • Completely drug free and with no side effects

  • Increases blood flow and relaxes muscles

  • Can be used anywhere at any time 

The support and assistance of a typical brace plus electronic pulses that stimulate nerves and muscles while wearing the brace for dual action and faster/longer pain relief

  • Can be used for the elbow, knee, ankle or leg