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Muscle Recovery with HealthmateForever TENS Units & Muscle Stimulators

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Out of breath, heart racing and you can barely move. You just completed one the hardest workouts ever and you know the pain of sore overworked muscles is coming soon. Stop the pain before it gets there by receiving a quick massage from your TENS Unit. Yes that’s right we said massage.

Massaging the aches and pains out muscles have shown proven benefits when it comes to managing your pain and muscle recovery. Our TENS Units can simulate the same experience. In a recent study, researchers gathered healthy mid-20s to mid-30s aged men. They were put through one of the hardest workouts you can think of. Right after the workout, they were each given 10 minutes of deep tissue massage. The massage even though short in time actually had two amazing beneficial effects. The first was the noticeable decrease in inflammation caused by a strenuous workout. The second was the increase of mitochondria in muscles. These cells use oxygen and broken down products of the food you eat to generate energy the energy you need to sustain a rigorous workout. As muscles cells learn to adapt to certain exercises, the number of mitochondria increases. When massaging the inflamed areas, it seems amplify this process greatly, and even better than ice baths and anti-inflammatory medications which are known to block muscle repair and growth.

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Massage and TENS Unit simulation also provides the producing of endorphin that make you feel relaxed while also speeding up the muscle recovery process. One of the main issues with massage for a post workout recovery method is the fact that most of us can’t afford a personal masseuse after every workout. We here at HealthmateForever have the solution and the ultimate affordable tool to help recover, heal and rehabilitate your muscles for rigorous workouts in the same way that a deep tissue massage can. All of our TENS Units and Muscle Stimulators come with multiple massage modes including deep tissue, tapping, rolling, with also ancient Chinese medical techniques of cupping, acupuncture, and perfect modes for a particular area. It’s time to stop thinking that HealthmateForever TENS is only for pain relief and start putting it in your everyday workout routine. This helps you reach your full athletic potential by getting the most out of each and every workout.

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