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Muscle Recovery

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Using pain relieving and muscle recovery technology, HealthmateForever TENS Therapy Units are vital to keeping muscles healthy and happy. 


TENS Therapy Unit combines Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern day science to bring you the most effective pain management and muscle stimulation. 

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) works by sending impulses through underlying fibers within the muscles. This inhibits pain receptors from reaching the brain and instead releases endorphins, a natural analgesic. 

Through these pulses, your muscles are pushing and pulling opening blood capillaries to increase blood flow, not only strengthening them but allowing a more efficient and effective recovery. 


HealthmateForever provides up to 40 massage modes that are available in a wide range of intensity from acupuncture to deep tissue massage. 


Recover your muscles on-the-go, at home, during a workout or even at the office. Our portable, light weight devices can be utilized virtually anywhere at anytime. 

Whether you’re beginning an intense workout or finishing one, HealthmateForever can aid in reducing injury, pain and increasing productivity and flexibility. 

Whether it’s a sore back or painful joints, HealthmateForever can alleviate tenderness, stiffness, and aching. 

Whether you’re training for a marathon or just going on a walk, HealthmateForever recognizes the importance of whole body well being and is here to help.

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