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Happy Holidays to All

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Merry Holidays! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the festivities have just started!

Holiday 2018

But where to start? What can you give that is thoughtful, caring and just right?

Don’t worry, we have it all here for you! So just sit back, shop, click, and we’ll take care of the rest.

For the fitness lover:

We offer devices that are sweat proof, portable size, and specific for muscle stimulating with high intensity. It’s perfect at the gym, home, or any post-exercise.

Try: ZT15AB, PM8IS, or PRO12ABQ

Holiday 2018

For the office worker:

We have several different features that include rechargeable battery, multiple modes, an A/B channel (for dual massages), and portable size. This is a great gift for anyone who needs some relaxation or pain relief at work.

Try: T12AB, T24AB, and PRO15AB

Holiday 2018

For the parents or grandparents:


TENS Units are for everyone and HealthmateForever makes devices that can be utilized by everyone with large icons, mild intensity, portable sized and easy access. Fantastic for relieving pain and preventing further bone, tendon, or muscle damage.

Try: YK15AB, BM6GL


 Holiday 2018

For the sore back and shoulders:


There’s always someone that always has a bad back or tense shoulders but now you can give them the ultimate gift! HealthmateForever has specific models that can relieve pain and keep muscles feeling happy and healthy.


 Holiday 2018


For the traveler:


They’re always on the move and here’s a present that can not only move with them but help them move. With the portable size, rechargeable battery and dual port, it’s an excellent gift for anyone on-the-go.

Holiday 2018

For more options, pricing and information, go to www.healthmateforever.com today! Give the gift that keeps giving.

Happy Holidays!

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