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Father's Day

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Father's Day is on the third Sunday of Jun, and let’s celebrate him the best we can!


HealthmateForever has TENS unit for every dad, grandpa, uncle, or anyone else that wants relaxation or good health.


Whether it’s at the golf course, the office, yard work, or construction site, our TENS units are the perfect way to show your appreciation and love.


Give him the power to relieve, relax and recover.


TENS stands for transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation meaning impulses relax and contract muscles to release endorphins and inhibit pain receptors.


Our devices are non-invasive and drug free saving you countless dollars of prescriptions and doctor or chiropractor visits. This also means you can use a HealthmateForever TENS unit anytime, anywhere.


Instead of one gift, why not give the gift that keeps giving.


Check out these HealthmateForever TENS Units today and give dad what he’s always wanted.

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