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Accomplishing Your Running Goals Injury Free

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Don’t start off in a dead sprint, first of all you won’t last more than 20 yards, but also starting at a pace your body is not ready for is one of the easiest ways to injure yourself. It takes time for the body to adapt to increase pace speed and distance. Recovery is also a major factor, you must give your joints and muscles sufficient time to recharge so they can keep up with the pressure you are putting on them. If you speed through this process, your joints and muscles tend to breakdown instead strengthen. Gradually build up to your goals, instead of trying to get there all at once. Your body will thank you and you will actually reach your goals faster.

There are many ways to ensure your body builds up in the correct amount of time without putting too much strain on your joints and muscles. One rule to live by is the 10 percent rule. Don’t ever go further than 10 percent ofwhat you did the week before. For example, if you ran 10 miles last week, you only run 11 miles the second week. The same algorithm can be used for distance. It doesn’t always have to be 10 percent, which is a little high when it comes to goals. Find a goal and percentage that fits best for your pace and body type.


Check your body daily, see where you are sore, feel what areas are tighter than the others. Almost all injuries from running happen all at once. There usually are plenty of tell signs that you should pay attention too. This includes aches, soreness, tightness, pain or anything that just doesn’t feel right. Listen to your body and know what’s coming. Usually you can stop injury before it happens by providing more rest or stretching.


Modern day technology has given us the ability to run and work out with our feet very comfortably. There several brands and styles that could fit any size foot and issues you may have including flat feet. Minimalist shoes have recently become a much more popular shoe of late. These shoes are designed to imitate running with a user’s bare feet. This helps build up the running muscles in your feet and leg. However, there is no single universal best shoe for everyone, everyone’s foot is different and works in different ways. Find the shoe best for you, and stay away from buying the cheapest shoe in the store. Invest in your feet, and when your running shoe starts to feel rundown, find a new one. This is one of easiest ways for runners to avoid injury that seems to be forgotten about.


Goals seem to come much easier when you plan and record your running schedule. A detailed log of can help prevent overuse, and can keep you on track toward your goals. Take a few minutes after every session to write down your results and how you felt. You will start to notice that patterns will develop when it comes to distance and if there is any soreness in your body as well. Also, seeing the mileage after a period of time can boost confidence tremendously.


Running everyday can be hard on your body; it would be wise to find other forms of training to help your body fully recover. This includes everything from swimming, cycling, elliptical running, rowing, HIT Training, body building and many more forms of cross training. All of these activities increase muscle balance and help keep your endurance up. But stay safe, you are not running because of an injury be careful of what activity you choose. Always listen to your body.


Recovering as we mentioned above is extremely important when it comes to training. Muscles and joints tighten up very easily after overuse. One of the proven ways to keep them fresh and loose is using the power of TENS for muscle recovery and pain relief therapy. These devices open up your blood flow that amplifies your body's natural healing power. It also strengthens the muscles you target with conductive pads. HealthmateForever's TS8 and NTS8 are extremely portable and can easily be used at anytime, even while running. You can find more information about them here.

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